M & Ms sells sexism to kids

When tobacco companies used a cartoon camel to sell cigarettes to kids, the U.S. government stepped in to stop the manipulation.


When M & Ms uses extreme gender stereotypes to sell sexism to kids, it’s supposed to be funny. Here’s the back cover of the 2013 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.


If M & Ms used a marketing campaign based on racial stereotypes, would we think it was funny? Apparently not. There’s an uproar about SI using people of color from all around the world as fashion props. That’s offensive and gross and so is this: Ms. Green getting stalked ha ha ha.


The first anti-stalking law wasn’t passed until 1990 and the crime is still only slowly gaining recognition and credibility as a serious infraction. Stalking hurts females: 4 out of 5 victims are women. Obviously, M & Ms still thinks a dangerous situation is a joke.

Here’s Ms. Green “working the polls.”



Here is Ms. Green at Party City, where my daughter and I went shopping for her birthday celebration.


When I went on M & Ms Facebook page to complain, I saw this picture of Red.


Wow. Talk about gender stereotypes. Not even “Mr.” Red?

Please Tweet: “M & Ms Stop selling sexism to kids #NotBuyingIt”

Please go to M & Ms Facebook page and ask them to stop selling sexual stereotypes to children.