That slutty Miley deserves it

The story continues. Because Miley Cyrus was allegedly wearing no underwear, she deserves to have a photo of her go viral on the internet. And actress Kristen Stewart just got in trouble for saying paparazzi shots of her made her feel like she was looking at someone raped. Kristen wasn’t raped, nor was Miley, but this is an assault on female sexuality with a camera. Thank goodness Perez Hilton, who justified the photo saying he was teaching Cyrus to be “ladylike,” is around, a bastion of morality, making sure that girls and women dress properly and behave appropriately.

Perez Hilton Perez Hilton “Queen of All Media” 

Jezebel says “Leave Miley’s Crotch Alone.”

I made the same request a couple days ago. No luck so far.