Reel Girl’s movie picks: “Labyrinth”

How could I forget, we also saw “Labyrinth.” I probably should have put all these in one post, sorry about that. Labyrinth is excellent. The movie is a classic quest myth starring a smart, brave girl played by Jennifer Connelly. She saves her baby brother. (Take that, “Frozen”!) My complaint is that, besides Connelly’s Sarah, all the characters are male. The puppets are done by Jim Henson and they are wonderful and creative and all male. Actually, that’s not true. There are a couple female Fairies who have no speaking lines. There is one cool, scary female puppet who gets to talk. But all Sarah’s companions are male creatures. David Bowie plays the goblin king and he’s great. Even better, he doesn’t take over the movie, the way someone like Jim Carey or Adam Sandler always does. Check out the poster though– Bowie looks like the star and Sarah looks like a princess. In fact, she is the star and is dressed like that for less than 5 minutes of the film. Most of the time, she’s in jeans.  ARGH.



I am seeing these movies because we’re on vacation but also I’m working on Reel Girl’s list for kids 10 and up. “Labyrinth”  is fine for younger kids, and I’m going to add it to that list. Anyone of any age should enjoy it. Out of these 4 movies I’ve just reviewed, all 3 of my kids say “Labyrinth” is their favorite.

Reel Girl rates “Labyrinth” ***HHH***