Best reading light ever found at Costco

Back in February I posted Confiscated contraband: 6 reading lights:

My daughter has been waking up super cranky in the morning, so last night when we put her to bed, we unclipped her reading light. An hour later, my husband went down to check on her and found her with a flashlight. Back again, he removed 2 more lights. This is what I saw on the kitchen counter this morning. She’d managed to get her younger sister’s clip on light as well. I have no idea how she acquired light #6. Yet another reason to be pissed off at her partner in crime, Rick Riordan…


The post set off a discussion about the best and worst reading lights. I think we may have finally found the answer. After all of the lights pictured above eventually broke, I went back to Christopher’s Books, (where I think I’m their best customer due to my book buying addiction.) Srore owner, Tee Minot, told me she no longer stocks lights. She didn’t think any were much good.  Tee told me the best reading light she ever got is a camping light, the kind your kid can put on her head. She found hers at Sports Basement. Today, my husband bought a 3 pack of LED headlamps with three modes (dim, bright, strobe), batteries INCLUDED for $9.69 at Costco. Look at that night owl’s happy face. I have high hopes for this one, as long as she doesn’t discover the strobe. Now, if I could just get her to be this smiley in the morning…



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  1. That’s a great solution! I used to stay up all night reading when I was a kid. It’s still a bedtime ritual as an adult.

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