Look what R rated book my 4 year old is reading….

Check out what book I found my 4 year old cuddled up with this morning: R. Crumb’s Genesis! No idea how she go her hands on this, but talk about sex and violence, the Bible is at the top of the list.


Maybe the Costco headlamp you see tucked under the cover wasn’t such a great idea after all. At least she turned it off. Though if you saw my last pic, note she fell asleep wearing yesterday’s clothes. Back to the Mama Factory for me, new model needed…

Reel Girl rates Genesis ***SSS*** for gender stereotyping


3 thoughts on “Look what R rated book my 4 year old is reading….

  1. Stretching my neck out here – but are there any girl/woman affirming Bible books and resources for 5s-kindergartners? I teach kindergartners in a Southern Baptist Sunday School, and although I know the many cons of my religion and the book it follows, and have been burned, I’m just not ready to get out completely.

    But I do try to support my girls and balance out my classroom and the books, etc. that we have and use. I need to do, and would love to do, a much better job.

    We have a period where the kids are on towels and either doing puzzles or reading books, sort of a transition time between 1st and 2nd hour. The woman who teaches after me is often late because she also sings in the beginning of that hour’s worship service.

    I usually wait until she shows up to get the kids down for towels, books and puzzles, but even so they’re usually there for ten-fifteen minutes after I leave. Then after a snack, a few minutes of singing, the story, and prayer, the kids are in free play until time to go home.

    So there’s several varying time frames where the kids are supposed to concentrate on books and puzzles.

    I wonder sometimes if they don’t see this time as a punishment, which I really don’t want them associating with books. Punishment because that’s ALL they are allowed to do – no games, no kitchen, no dolls, no animals, no art, nothing else.

    But then again, it’s rare that we will otherwise actually have a child ask to read/look at a book, so maybe I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth?

    Most of our kids go for puzzles instead of books, and they do love the gender-neutral type (solar system, forest, animal barn, world, united states, etc.).

    Right now, we don’t do videos, though the curriculum is being revamped and starting next quarter there will be a short clip each week around the focus. I have no idea what these clips will be like, or how or when we will see them.

    So I’m floundering, and rambling (sorry), and looking for guidance, ideas, and suggestions.


    • Hi Theresa,

      I have a kids book on the story of Esther that is really good. Are there any girl/ woman affirming adult books on the BIble??? I think there is one I heard of called Bad Girls of the Bible or something like that?


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