Seth MacFarlane on a better day? Watch this hilarious “Family Guy” clip

After I posted about Seth MacFarlane’s offensive, misogynistic, and not funny hosting of the Oscars, some people asked me if I’d always hated him. The answer is no. His name was familiar, but I didn’t know who he was before the Oscars. Though a while ago  a commenter posted a clip on Reel Girl from what I now know to be MacFarlane’s “Family Guy.” The clip totally cracked me up. I don’t know if MacFarlane wrote it, but I love it, and totally relate to it as a writer. Clearly, the clip’s creator has subjects besides demeaning women in a series of cliches. I’m reposting it here. Writers, this is for you:

4 thoughts on “Seth MacFarlane on a better day? Watch this hilarious “Family Guy” clip

  1. I don’t see why you feel the need to be apologetic, so what if you did always hated the guy? I don’t care how easy it is in Hollywood for him and the likes of him, I don’t see the comedic talent he’s supposed to have. It’s all cheap. Everybody can say a bunch of horrible things and get people to sheer them for their “sincerity” or “edge”, and you’re always sure to find a group of devoted fans to find social commentary in anything you say.

    • Hi Aninha,

      I am not apologetic. No way Jose. People asked me if I always hated the guy. The answer is no. Do I hate him now? The answer is yes. Is the Oscars all that he is as a performer? No, but that performance reached millions and it was misogynistic and degrading to women when we already only get scraps and crumbs. I am not a fan.


  2. Seth MacFarlane IS a funny, talented man. I love Family Guy, but even for me sometimes it goes too far for shock value. Still, even in cases like that, it’s not necessarily condoning bad behavoir or antyhing. Some of the most “shocking” stuff is related to hot button topics such as abortion or pediphilia or bad relationships, and it’s almost as if they’re saying “Look, this is what it is, these are the sides of the topic, now let’s all chill out and have a laugh.”

    The boob song did go too far (and too long) but it points out how stars are cheapened by Hollywood cliches. Woman in a movie? Have her show her boobs so people like Chris’s friend in Family Guy can comment on the exact time when said boobs appear.

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