Great review of Sugar In My Bowl and “Light Me Up”

This great review from Estella’s Revenge (love that blog title) on the anthology Sugar in My Bowl (Ecco 2011) and my short story “Light Me Up.”  She writes:

I downloaded it, I read it on my new Nook in two days flat (over the holidays!!!), and the rest is history. Good history…

In fact, the first story that comes to mind when I think of this collection is Margot Magowan’s “Light Me Up.” Juliet is a new mother, married to Henry, and struggling with her sexuality in light of being a new mom. She feels ugly, used up, exhausted, confused, hormonal, empowered, embittered, and a host of other swirling emotions. The confusion in this story and the struggle between the two main characters rang so true to life, I was quick to start highlighting. However, I think it was ultimately Juliet’s mental change of attitude about sex that really spoke volumes in this story.

‘There were other differences I noticed in myself. Sex, or even just blatant sexuality, on TV disgusted me–watching reality shows’ horny drunks or all those women shaking their asses in videos. Previously, even when I didn’t like something that was on, I often got sucked in, fascinated, curious, analyzing, trying to figure it all out. Now it was just gross. ‘

I was really pulling for Juliet as she worked through her feelings post-baby and I felt really sorry for her at times, triumphant for her at others. Magowan did a good job injecting a lot of meaning and eliciting an emotional response with the content of this story.

Read the rest of the review here.

My godmother also recently sent me a nice review on SIMB from Columbia’s alumni magazine (Erica Jong is a Barnard graduate) where the writer called my story “luminous” which was nice to see. I’m thrilled to be in the anthology “company” of so many great writers who I admire. I’d probably be terrified to write the story that I did if I were out there all alone.

If you haven’t read Sugar In My Bowl yet, you can order it here.

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