Who cares if Scorsese made ‘Hugo’ for his daughter?

When I posted Golden Globes celebrates boys, ignores girls I got this comment, as I have in the past, on SFGate:

It’s a well know fact that Scorsese made Hugo for his 12 year old daughter!! He mentioned it again last night in his speech.

So what? The movie also has a strong female character, but it’s yet another movie centered on the quest of the male main character: five out of five nominated.

I got this comment on sexism in “Adventures of Tintin:”

Shouldn’t the lack of females not be a problem for you if you’d considered men and women really equal? if you could really identify yourself to a man, and a man to a woman?
So maybe the problem is that men will not identify to women, not the other way around. My point is: the lack of female character is not the problem, the problem is the abundance of women in stupid roles

Huh? Sorry, I identified with females as a child (when I loved Charlie’s Angels because it was one of the few shows on TV where girls actually got to do stuff) and I do now. Those are my choices? No females or females in stupid roles? Really?

People, I don’t know how to write this more clearly. The females in kids’ movies have gone missing. Kids movies. Is “Adventures of Tintin”– created by a misogynist who believed women have no place in his imaginary world– going to win the Academy Award now for best animated film? Is that OK with you? Yes, the animation is spectacular, but would anyone EVER even consider making a kids’ movie based on a series created by a female artist who believed males didn’t belong in her movie? Can you even imagine that movie? If that movie were made, do you think people might notice that males were missing from it?

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