NBC cancels Playboy series


After just three episodes and drawing only 3.5 million viewers to its final showing, “The Playboy Club” is now off the air.

A 6os period show, “The Playboy Club” attempted capitalize on the popularity of the swanky “Mad Men” series. But as former undercover bunny Gloria Steinem has said repeatedly: “Playboy clubs were not glamorous. They were tacky.”

Guess she’s not the only one who thinks so. Meanwhile, Women and Hollywood names “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm Hollywood Feminist of the Day for his astute comments on rape made at a benefit for  a rape treatment center in LA.

4 thoughts on “NBC cancels Playboy series

  1. That’s good we have enough with the Kardashians and all the housewives!
    I think it’s amusing when one show is a hit like Mad Men they instantly throw up five others just like it. How about Pan Am? That takes women back a thirty some decades!

  2. That’s good to hear, the public turned away from this show!

    Have you seen Charlie’s Angels? I have not seen it, and was curious what it was like.

    The other day, my daughters watched a cartoon called Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which struck me as another cartoon that reminds audiences that the only market they care about are boys. It appears pirates are still for boys, and princesses for girls. Horribly lame.

    • Ken,

      I have not seen the new Charlie’s Angels TV show but I loved, loved, loved the series as a kid. I did not get the whole jiggle TV thing, I just thought it was cool watching a show centered on women doing things. But I definitely grew up believing that if you wanted things to happen to you, if I wanted your life to be adventure, first you had to be ‘beautiful.’

      I wish there were more girl pirate stories. There is the Pirate and the Princess, which I blogged about, the pirate in this case is a girl. There’s also the book Pirate Girl which I also blogged about, very good. But sadly, these are in a tiny minority.



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