LEGO posts ‘sneak peek’ of ‘Lord of the Rings’ minifigs, girls gone missing

On its Facebook page, LEGO just posted:

“A sneak peek at the LEGO Lord of the Rings minifigures!!! Which ones do you like best?” and this pic. Notice anything missing?

How is a girl going to feel when she looks at this set? Included? Important? Like she exists at all?

So because of this “boys only” or “mostly boys only” rules of LEGO sets like this one and the new superheroes sets, LEGO comes up with the sexist Friends? Apparently, if girls get to play, they must participate in stereotype.

Please see my post: When Hollywood excludes girls, how can LEGO market to them?

15 thoughts on “LEGO posts ‘sneak peek’ of ‘Lord of the Rings’ minifigs, girls gone missing

  1. Actually most of the female characters are only important in the film… i think you may just be one of those people who is only happy when there angry.

    • HI Claran,

      There are some females who have key roles in the films, but they are not the stars of the movie; males far outnumber females. Again, this would not be a problem if it was one series, one LEGO set, but it is the model for most movies and most toys unless you go into the girl ghetto.


  2. Seriously, how ridiculous is all of this? You are complaining about the lack of female characters in a Lego minifigure series and in movies, claiming this to be sexism? You know that this is exactly why people ridicule feminism.
    Why does Lego produce their sets in this way? Because that is what the market demands, so that is what makes the sales and they want to earn money. You want them to care about you stuck up views and not produce toys in a way you call sexist, while that is exactly what people buy. Do you even know what you are saying?

      • Well, if Lego’s lack of female characters is such a big deal to you, there can’t be a lot feminists need to worry about, huh? I’d like to have your problems…

        • Hi Anon,

          I wish that were true. Narratives shape reality. Look at the Bible. Casting males and females in the same roles in TV, movies, and toys trains kids to stay limited into stereotypes gender roles.


  3. I just checked their website and they don’t have Arwen, Eyowyn, or Gladriel! I am seriously miffed! All of them are really important to the story, and there is absolutely no reason for their exclusion. I mean for crying out loud Lego has posted about “Rohan Guard” and various types of Orcs! Would it kill them to include the girls? No, in fact, it would probably be beneficial!

    • Hi LunaAmore,

      ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I did not want to write that because even though I saw them nowhere, I thought I had to be missing it, that LEGO was just not promoting them. SO horrible and sexist, we must find out if its true.


  4. Umm….if you knew anything about Lord of the Rings, you would recognize the nine characters in this package as the Fellowship of the Ring, the nine volunteers who chose to take the One Ring to Mordor.
    They were all male. Don’t cry “sexism” when Lego is simply following the story.

    • Hi FettFan84,

      Very often I have blogged about the justification for sexist movies because they are based on sexist books (Tintin, Dr. Seuss etc). Make another movie or just make more movies with female characters. It is not OK that girls have gone missing from films for kids. Another justification I get is that its just realistic: For Colette to be the only female chef in Ratatouille, for the lionesses to have to wait, helpless, until Simba return to rule the pride. OK, and its realistic to have a talking rat who can cook? A singing lion who is BFFs with a warthog and a meerkat?


  5. Wow, Did the folks at Lego not read the story. The few female characters that are in LOTR are crucial to the story. Why leave them out? You can’t defeat the Nazgul without a girl.

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