4 thoughts on “Now you, too, can look like a cartoon or toy

  1. I believe that there are some things which need more study, within the realm of manga and how it’s perceived by eastern and western audiences, particularly with reference to the concept of “cuteness,” or “kawaii.” To the west, it appears to be infantalization / misogyny. This is not necessarily true for eastern audiences.

    Granted, though, the affect upon the western female of attempting to model oneself upon these “cute” characters cannot be a good thing.

  2. You stupid, bitter, cynical, jaded old post-modernist bat.

    Do you like cuteness? Do you know what cuteness is? Did you ever have a favorite cartoon or toy when you were little? Or did you de-construct everything to fucking shreds from the fucking start?!?!?

    Don’t you DARE tell me what’s good for my health. Are you a doctor? No.

    If you get sad whenever you see a Littlest Pet Shop figurine, something is wrong.

    Cartoons and toys are BETTER than reality.

    If you don’t like cuteness, you’re heartless.

    Cuteness gives me more joy than anything. It’s my favorite aesthetic. It makes me feel alive.

    Cuteness is friendly, fun, nostalgic, kind, warm, heartwarming, gentle, playful, joyful, gleeful.

    Cuteness has everything to do with happiness and nothing to do with politics.

    Do you want to be threatening? Do you want to threaten anyone? What does that do? Violence solves nothing. I am a pacifist.

  3. OMG, I saw that too only I think it was Sunday Morning that had the feature. Could not f—ing believe it. What is the matter with women? Why are so many so stupid? ESPECIALLY young girls. I mean, risking blindness, eye injury, scratched corneas. Plus the look is just plain creepy.

    Your comment about appearing non-threatening is spot on. Probably invented by a man…again.

    • California Girl–

      The article came out on Sanday, it took me w while to write about it. It really depressed me. I think partly because Spirited Away is anime and I love that guy. he has such strong girl characters in his cartoons. I guess anime is also known for porn though.

      Thanks for visiting ReelGirl.


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