The Boxcar Children

When my six year old brought this book home today, I got chills. I have a vivid memory of reading it, actually learning to love to read with this book. I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma then. I was in first grade, just as my daughter is now. My teacher’s name was Miss Foote. She had very short hair which was radical for Oklahoma in the seventies. She was reading The Boxcar Children to the class but at a chapter a day, moving way to slow for me, so my mom bought me my own copy.

I only read the first two chapters with my daughters tonight, but I remember the illustrations so well: they are all in silouette. I can’t remember the story yet, but the pacing is perfect; my kids were riveted. I have no idea what my rating will be, but I hope high. Do you remember this book?

One thought on “The Boxcar Children

  1. What did you decide?

    I read this when I was young and loved it. I read the series now with my son and find the writing a little stilted. Happy Hollisters series has much better writing, in my opinion. Warner wrote these to show some kids with that “can do” spirit. That is a good thing, however unbelievable some of the events in the story are.

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