“The Honourable Woman” best new show on TV

I cannot procrastinate any longer blogging today except to tell you that you must watch “The Honourable Woman.” Maggie Gyllenhaal stars as Nessa Stein, an Israeli businesswoman working towards peace with the Palestinians. Not only is Gyllenhaal amazing in the role, she is not a Minority Feisty.


Other great, complex, and well acted female characters in this series include Janet McTeer as Dame Julia Walsh, the head of MI6, the British intelligence agency.


Genevieve O’Reilly as Francis Persig, adviser to Nessa Stein:


Eve Best as Monica Chatwin, a British Foreign Office tactician working in Washington, D.C



Lubna Azabal as Atika Halibi, the Palestinian nanny to Nessa’s nieces.


Atika Halabi in The Honourable Woman

The filming is beautiful. Each shot is framed like a painting, so stylized it reminds me of Wes Anderson’s work.

One of my favorite lines by Dame Julia Walsh, the head of MI6, the British intelligence agency: “In a room full of pussies, I’m the only one with a vagina.”

The only downside is after watching this show, you realize nothing else on TV is nearly as good.

Reel Girl rates “The Honourable Woman” ***HHH***

2 thoughts on ““The Honourable Woman” best new show on TV

  1. For recent quality TV shows staring strong female characters also check Outlander and The Fall.A very underrated show that run for one season (NBC) on 2011 is Against the Wall.As far as I know this is the only police drama ever made where BOTH lead characters are female detectives (played by Rachael Carpani and Marisa Ramirez (who is also pregnant throughout the whole season!)

  2. I heard this was good too. Other good female focused stuff on TV I would recommend for you Bob’s Burgers (you could even watch this with your kids really) fun cartoon with the best written female characters perfect antidote to awful cartoons like Family Guy, The bletchley Circle search this out its a itv drama about women who worked at Bletchley
    Park then lost their jobs when the war finished and continued to solve puzzles and murders. SO FUN. Also try and seek Up the Women a suffragette comedy.

    Also you like Wes Anderson movies!!!! me too!!!!

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