TV Wives

I am so happy Julianna Margulies won a Golden Globe tonight for The Good Wife. It is wonderful– as she said in her acceptance speech– to see a drama succeed in the ten o’ clock hour instead of yet another reality TV show. Especially those awful reality TV shows with “wife” in the title (Real Housewives of New York, Miami, New Jersey etc, Wife Swap) Finally, FINALLY, a “wife” show where the women are not portrayed as “desperate” (the show that started the latest craze) caricartures, jealous, bitchy, gossipy not to metion humilated, degraded, swapped. I am so tired of these portrayals that make being a wife seem like the worst thing on the planet.

Margulies is a great actress, and in this series, her character does not stand by her man, a powerful politician, who cheated on her with prostitutes (supposedly based on New York’s Spitzer story.) It’s a cool premise, telling it all from her point of view, the scandal and the aftermath; I always wonder what is going on in the minds of these women, and I guess a lot of other people do too. On the show, Margulies handles her relationship in an original and brilliant way that keeps her integrity in tact and advances her career.

Speaking of public wives who don’t stand by their men, I am happy to see (in my weekly tabloid reading) that Elin seems to be leaving Tiger Woods and getting 300 million in he process. I hope this is true– so much better than Kobe Bryant buying his wife off with a ring. (Isn’t prostitution supposed to be ilegal?)

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