The Legend of Atlantis


We watched this on pay per view on Saturday. I’d never heard of it before. There are two Atlantis movies I guess, because I remember another one that was totally different.

This version is all about a brave princess who saves her land from the evil Beliol who  is after crystals to control all of nature. Yes, she’s a princess and her hair is so long and  flowing that it looks like a fat, furry creature attached to her head. But she is brave and smart, saving her people, her father, and her boyfriend–  a hunky Fabio-type nature boy (who also, by the way, has flowing hair; he is half-dressed in the whole film, and if this weren’t animated, I could see his skimpy chippnedale outfit warranting a PG rating.)

There is also a depiction of a strong mother- daughter relationship, a positive mother role model which is rare in animated film and chldren’s stories. The mother can speak to the spirit world, undersands and can communicate with the powers of nature. Before she is killed, she gives her daughter a crystal necklace of power to protect her.

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