January is record month for Reel Girl

Reel Girl logged 70,000 page views in January! Not bad for a one-woman blog. I couldn’t be happier that so many people are excited about imagining gender equality in the fantasy world.

When I started blogging, two years ago, a thoughtful reader secured the Reel Girl name for me, and I’ve finally started moving towards changing my blog’s address to www.reelgirl.com. I’ll keep you posted on when I actually complete the process so you’ll know the correct address. Hopefully, it will all be so streamlined, you won’t have to change anything yourself.

To subscribers: I apologize for typos! I blog very fast in my free time (or when I’m procrastinating when I ought to be writing my book!)  I often go back to posts and edit them, so please try to read posts on the blog, not on your email. I know I should wait until they are perfect before I post, but I wouldn’t get half the output that way; they would stay in perpetual draft mode. Besides, its a blog, right? Let me know if it’s annoying when you receive multiple emails (do you?) when I post a few times in a day. I tried to figure out how to bundle posts but remain unenlightened.

Let me know if there are movies, books, TV shows, or toys you’d like Reel Girl to review.

If you haven’t read the best comment ever that I got from Reel Girl reader, please do; it’s why I started Reel Girl.

Thank you again visiting.


7 thoughts on “January is record month for Reel Girl

  1. Hi Margot

    I am one of your new readers so I like to think I’ve boosted the numbers, if only by one!

    I am so pleased I found Reel Girl! I would never have described myself as a feminist, more of a ‘Fiona-ist’. I didn’t start paying attention to gender equality issues until I had my twin girls (they are 18 months old now) and started to think more about the world we live in, the way girls are channeled in a given direction by the media and the type of strong confident ladies I want my girls to grow into.

    I am a scientist by training and now run multiple online businesses. I hope I am a good role model for my girls but I worry more and more with every hideous pink princess-y toy well meaning relatives and friends give them. I want them to grow up thinking they can man a space flight, get to the olympics or run for parliament if it’s what interests them.

    Thanks for your great blog and the issues you highlight in it. Keep it up!

    Fiona (from the UK).

  2. Hi Margot! I am a huge fan of your blog and your mission. I’m also a middle-grade author (I’ve commented before) and my first book is coming out February 14th. I would love to send you a copy, regardless of whether you choose to review it. It’s intended for ages 10-14, so I’m not sure if your kids are old enough for it yet, though. The book is called Above World, and here’s the Kirkus review: http://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/jenn-reese/above-world/#review

    In any case, congrats on the huge success of your blog!

    • Hi Jenn,

      Congratulations! So exciting. I just read the review and it looks great. (had to smile at Kirkus calling Aluna “feisty”). I’ll email you my address. I’d love to read it. I am much slower on reviewing than I would like to be, but I promise to try.


  3. I don’t know if this has already been suggested, but the Hunger Games series is fantastic and it would be great if you could review it! Also, there is a movie coming out, which you could also review? Just an idea. And CONGRATS on the page views!

    • Hi Ann,

      Thank you! I tried to email you because I wanted to post your letter on SFGate as well, but I get so many negative comments, and you are so active in responding, I wanted to check with your mom. Is there a good email address? If so, please send it to me, I will not post publicly.


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