Sponge Bob

I love the guy. I’m not sure why. Maybe because all the characters are so emotional; the radical mood swings, everyone always bursting into tears– all that drama is just like being a kid. I think it’s pretty original to depict childhood in a bunch of sea creatures mostly by echoing its emotional life.

Though Sponge Bob is a typical boy cartoon though with the male featured in the title and the theme of boy BFFs. I don’t really get why people say Patrick the starfish is gay– because he is pink? (I do understand the same claims for Tinky Winky– the teletubbie  who carries a purse Rush Limbaugh got so worked up about and Herbie, the misfit elf with the fabulous hair.)

Sandy, the squirrel, is the only regular female character but she is awesome. Not only is she a great fighter (karate expert) but  she’s smarter and clamer than everyone else on the show. Compared to all those hissy fits, she acts like she’s on Lexapro, but I’ll attribute her maturity to her gender. Unfortunately, Sandy doesn’t get enough screen time.

Spong Bob gets one G because has a strong girl power character, is original and breaks some stereotypes.

3 thoughts on “Sponge Bob

  1. I really like Spongebob too, especially as these kids’ movies go, though I’m a little embarrassed that my 22 month old shrieks “BobBob!” and tries to force Spongebob DVDs into the palyer. Clearly her mother lets her watch too much TV. I’m with you on Sandy– great character, both smart and condierate, an interesting counterpart to Spongebob’s mornic best friend Patrick. And don’t forget Pearl (okay, she’sa little whiny and materialistic, but nonetheless an appealing character).

    • Mr. Krabb’s daughter: the whale. You might not like her because she’s kind of a mallrat– lieks to shop with her friends and badgers her stingy father to give her at real birthday party, tries to get fired because she doesn’t want to work at the Krusty Crab– but I have a soft spot for her.She also humanizes Mr. Krabb. (am I spelling his name right?)

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