Want to see a messed up book cover?

I just blogged about the book covers from Rick Riordan’s fantasy series where girls go missing. Today, on Jezebel, believe it or not, I saw an even more distressing book cover: the new 50th anniversary edition of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar.


Do you think the ghost of Ted Hughes could be haunting Britian’s Faber publishing house? It seems like only he could’ve come up with something so distorted to cover Plath’s work.

Jezebel comments:

For a book all about a woman’s clinical depression that’s exacerbated by the suffocating gender stereotypes… it’s pretty fucking stupid to feature a low-rent retro wannabe pinup applying makeup.

Couldn’t agree more.

Total bummer, but I’m going to leave you feeling slightly better about depictions of women in good old America in 2013. Here’s a very cool new stamp celebrating Rosa Park’s 100th birthday: