‘One Man’ trailer shows relentless pattern of sexism in movies

I swore off blogging to meet a deadline for my novel, but this video is SO GOOD I have to post it.

This “One Man” trailer shows the relentless repetition of the same old sexist narrative where one “unique and original” man saves the world while females go missing.

As I keep posting on Reel Girl, the problem of female erasure is not about each movie, (“one man”) but the repetition of the same old story where females get shoved to the sidelines again and again. The “One Man” video reveals the sexist pattern of Hollywood movies better than anything I’ve ever seen. Now if they would just make one of these featuring animated movies for kids….

Thank you to morecompassion for sending this to me (though you better stop, it’s like crack for me, and at this rate, I’ll never finish my book!)