Sexual assault by camera

Recently, actress Kristen Stewart got in trouble from rape crisis groups and media pundits for saying paparazzi shots of her made her feel as if she were looking at someone being raped. Kristen wasn’t raped, but it’s sadly ironic that not long after her statement which offended so many people (and one she profusely apologized for) Perez Hilton posts a photo to his Twitter feed of Miley Cyrus where she is allegedly wearing no underwear. Hilton claims Cyrus deserves this exposure, because she was not acting “ladylike.” Cyrus wasn’t raped either, but what Hilton did is an assault on female sexuality with a camera. I wish Perez Hilton would stop slut-shaming girls and women when they don’t dress and behave the way he thinks they should.

actress Kristen Stewart

Jezebel says “Leave Miley’s Crotch Alone.”

I made the same request a couple days ago. No luck so far.