Don’t mess with Reel Grrls

I got this email from a friend. Check it out and give these girls some $$$

Dear Joe,

Help the Grrls Who Said NO to Comcast

This time Comcast has gone too far.

When Seattle’s Reel Grrls – an award-winning program that teaches teenage girls to make their own media – criticized Comcast on Twitter for its outrageous hiring of FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker, Comcast came after them.

A Comcast VP immediately fired off an email saying the company was cutting off $18,000 in funding it had pledged for a summer camp teaching filmmaking, editing and screenwriting. Without those funds, the Reel Grrls camp won’t happen.

We need to stand up to Comcast’s censors – and show these young media justice activists we’ve got their backs.

Can you give $25 to Reel Grrls to keep their summer camp going without Comcast’s cash?

Reel Grrls didn’t back down or delete their tweet. They didn’t let Comcast silence them. Instead, they called their allies and alerted the media.

And once the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Associated Press got hold of the story, Comcast suddenly changed its tune. It claimed the threats were “unauthorized” and said it wouldn’t yank the funds.

But Reel Grrls are sticking to their principles. They’re telling Comcast to keep its money if it’s going to try to censor what they say.

It’s not easy for any nonprofit to turn down $18,000. That’s why Free Press and the Center for Media Justice are asking our supporters to chip in and make sure the Reel Grrls summer camp stays open.

Show your support – help our allies stand up to Comcast’s censors

Reel Grrls are training the next generation of media makers and activists. Their brave and inspiring response under pressure should be a lesson to all of us in how to defend free speech and stand up to bullies like Comcast.

Now it’s our turn to show them that their allies in the movement for better media won’t let them down. Please visit the Reel Grrls site and give as much as you can.

In solidarity,

Craig Aaron
Free Press

Malkia Cyril
Center for Media Justice

P.S. Check out this fabulous video the Reel Grrls made telling their side of the story

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