Reel Girl’s List of ‘Progressive’ People Who Are Sexist: #11 Joe Biden

Dear Mr. Biden,

I see you that you’re condemning Harvey Weinstein’s chronic sexual harassment and assault of women.

I’m baffled by how today you can admire women’s courage to tell the truth, but in 1991, you were instrumental in discrediting Anita Hill, one of the first women to speak publicly about being sexually harassed in the workplace by a powerful man, Clarence Thomas.

I was 23 when I watched the Thomas confirmation hearings, and your support of him helped to convince me that women’s stories don’t matter much.

Of course, people can change, but if your views on sexual harassment are different in 2017, you need to be accountable for the major role you played in silencing women for 25 more years. Today, my three daughters are growing up in a sexist America with a president elected after he bragged about sexual assault and a supreme court justice confirmed after he was accused of sexual harassment. I hope you’re thinking about how different America would be today if back in 1991, you were the champion for women that you are now. Or maybe, you’re just a hypocrite.

Reel Girl readers, if you don’t want to watch the whole video, watch key quotes that show Biden’s hypocrisy here.

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5 thoughts on “Reel Girl’s List of ‘Progressive’ People Who Are Sexist: #11 Joe Biden

  1. Feminism wasn’t in vogue “back then”. Anita Hill’s trashing during Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearings were the direct cause of my switching affiliation from the Republican to the Democratic Party. At that time I didn’t pay particular attention to Joe Biden. In retrospect, of course, he was obviously complicit in questioning Dr. Hill’s veracity. I think it would have been different now.

  2. This is the man who fought hard for Domestic Violence Laws and money for shelters.
    It’s easy to make people good or bad. It’s more real to believe they can grow and often do, and that each person experiences varied levels of consciousness in the course of their life times.

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