‘Only in a sexist society would women be told that caring about representation at the highest levels of government is wrong. Only in a sexist society would women believe it.’

I support Hillary Clinton for president.


I also supported her when she ran against Obama.

I post about gender and power on my Facebook page, and every time I put up a post about Hillary and gender, I lose fans. I’ve always supported open discussion on my site and on my blog. I get why people are voting for Bernie, but I’m blogging now about the shaming and vitriol aimed at me when I express my support for Hillary. This happens, by the way, not just on the internet but in the real world. Most people I know are voting for Bernie. I’m told, in multiple ways, that I’m not hip, I’m not cool, I’m too privileged to see the light.

I just posted on Reel Girl’s Facebook page: It Is OK to Care About Gender on the Ballot on by Jessica Valenti in the Guardian, written a month ago, but I love the post.The quote I titled my blog with is in it. Here’s the typical comment I get:

Pfft. Not when she represents things that I’m completely against. I’m not just a woman, I’m a cis, queer, Latina born and raised from low SES. The women I’ve heard that support Hillary just because she’s a women are white women who have not faced an iota that trans women, woc, poor women, queer women, or disabled women have faced. At least vote because she’s going to make our life better. Privilage baiting Reel Girl

Reel Girl: I read this post, as I wrote in comments above, not about Bernie supporters but about not shaming Hillary supporters


When Bernie was asked about Killer Mike’s comment that a uterus doesn’t qualify someone to be president, he told the AP:

“No one has ever heard me say, ‘Hey guys, let’s stand together, vote for a man.’ I would never do that, never have,” Sanders said. “I think in a presidential race, we look at what a candidate stands for and we vote for the candidate we think can best serve our country.”

Huh? Of course no one would say, “Hey guys, let’s stand together and vote for a man.” That’s just the assumption, a man is the default position. That Bernie would make that analogy shows me, once again, why I want a woman president. Would I vote for Sarah Palin or Condoleezza Rice or Michelle Bachmann because they are women? No, of course not. I would vote for a woman who supports reproductive rights and women’s rights. Yes, I want a woman president. I don’t think women are better than men, more ethical than men, kinder, more emotional, or any of that bullshit. I still want there to be a woman who supports women’s rights to hold the highest office. I believe Hillary Clinton will make the world a better place for women and therefore men, as ultimately, we’re all connected and losing half the human race is missing out on a huge, untapped resource.

Rebecca Traister wrote a great post about Hillary and Bernie, saying that no one likes to hear a woman yelling about revolution. No one likes an angry woman either. Or disheveled. Women are supposed to be the hard workers in the background, not the ones upfront.

As I wrote on Reel Girl’s Facebook page, I will continue to post about Hillary and gender. I’ve never posted or written based on how many fans I’ll attract, and I’m not starting now. I post about what I believe in and what makes me, and hopefully you, think. I believe people can passionately disagree on issues, but though I have a blog and write about controversial topics, I’m not someone who argues for the sake of arguing. I don’t have the time or energy to debate for entertainment. I’m busy, like we all are so I’m kind of shocked and amazed by how people I know personally and people I don’t try to pick fights and shame me for voting for Hillary. If you’re a Bernie supporter or a Hillary supporter, I’d love you to stay, but If you prefer not to see posts about Hillary and gender, this is probably not the blog or the Facebook page for you.


8 thoughts on “‘Only in a sexist society would women be told that caring about representation at the highest levels of government is wrong. Only in a sexist society would women believe it.’

  1. I am thrilled that you express your opinions about Hillary and every other thing. I always enjoy your perspective. I might add that calling a stance for Bernie as ‘hip’ or ‘cool’ as reasons for supporting Bernie is a little degrading to Bernie supporters that I also respect.

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your comment! Perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough. I don’t mean I think people support Bernie b/c it’s hip or cool, but that’s the response I get when I express my support for Hillary from my peers who are mostly voting for Bernie. They don’t say and I’m not hip or cool, but everyone is doing it, so just that makes me feel odd, like I’m a weirdo. I live in San Francisco!


  2. I think Hillary or Bernie would be good for our country. However, I will vote for Hillary. It’s nothing against Bernie, but it’s time we have a woman President.

    And I’m not voting for Hillary because I’m wealthy, privileged or white. I consider myself mixed, or Native. I’m Cherokee, Welsh and German. I’ve experienced a lot of hardship in my life and my family is definitely not wealthy. We never have been, and for close to a year now, we have been struggling just to survive. I am voting for Hillary because I believe she will be good for our country. No one should shame you for supporting her.

  3. Exactly ! Very good post !

    I wish I could vote for Hillary, too, I would. Because this person is the right one for the job, no less. That this person is a woman, doesn´t hurt anybody, on the contrary.

    The next president of USA will be very important, considering all the problems we have on this earth. Let it be a level-headed and able person – and that is Hillary Clinton IMO.


  4. No one should be “shamed” for supporting Hillary, nor should they be for supporting Bernie. Heck, I would heartily disagree with anyone voting for Trump, or any of the Republicans, but I’m not going to shame anyone. I guess I’m lucky in that I don’t read the rants on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, etc., and luckily the FB folks I see posting don’t do this either. They certainly will make fun of x or y candidate (almost 100% Republicans), but people shouldn’t be shamed for political beliefs/leanings. They should be debated perhaps, but shamed? Anyway, ironically enough this actually reminds me of Madeleine Albright’s and Gloria Steinem’s comments about voting for Bernie, which were essentially shaming as well. Hillary becoming the first female president is definitely one reason that I would vote for her, but it is only one of many. There are some ways I like Bernie better and based on some online questionnaires I’ve filled out, apparently I am about 95% aligned with him vs. about 80% with Hillary on the issues. I recognize both of their strengths and weaknesses and will probably vote for Hillary despite not agreeing with her on as many issues. I just can’t stand vilifying people for their political leanings one way or another – I think how we discuss these matters has become so combative, especially online, that it’s made the whole process devolve to a point where of course Trump is going to be so successful, being the biggest Troll of our time!

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