Responding to #WeWantLeia campaign, Disney will stock stores with Leia toys

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After the public complained far and loud about the annihilation and degradation of Princess Leia in kidworld, Disney announced its rectifying the omission of this warrior-freedom-fighter princess, telling Time Magazine:

The current assortment of Star Wars products at the Disney Store launched earlier this year, and is just the beginning of what is to come,” Disney spokeswoman Margita Thompson told TIME. “We’re excited to be rolling out new products in the coming months, including several items that will feature Princess Leia, one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars galaxy.


I am so excited, both about the product and that we are making a difference! Good job everybody.

Note to Disney, we do not want to see Leia in her slave girl-S & M-metal bikini chained to Jabba the Hut, as she is in this LEGO set that I regretted purchasing for my 7 year old daughter.


Nor do we want to see narratives where Leia is again in said bikini arguing with her father that she actually wants to wear it– when it was Jabba that forced her into the outfit in the first place– as in Vader’s Little Princess which I regretted reading to my 5 year old daughter.


We’re over the metal bikini. Leia has been hard enough to find in toy sets, on T-shirts or sippy cups. We want to see a strong and powerful action figure saving the galaxy.


7 thoughts on “Responding to #WeWantLeia campaign, Disney will stock stores with Leia toys

  1. The Lack of Leia is so disappointing, there is a lego figure of Leia in her cinnabon bun hair white outfit i think though.

    Also female character wise There was Ashoka Tano who was in Clone Wars she is a young teenage jedi who i think was 14 in the movie. She was pretty cool. My young brother only loved the scenes with her in it because he said she got to do the coolest jedi stuff!! (he was 8 at the time)

    • Hi Boffity,

      White outfit and cinnbons Leia LEGO mini fig exists, but she is hard to find in your local toy store or Target. My kids do not see this image as we go about our day, the way they see all the males Star Wars figures. She is marginalized to say the least. It would be very cool to have more female Star Wars figures around.


      • that is really strange in my local shops (UK) you’re more likely to see Leia in her white outfit. I have only really seen the bikini one twice in shops than the one in her white costume.
        But lego is not as sold in our local supermarkets its mainly in toy stores and of course lego land. it might just be my area though.

        but then again i just went on the toysrus website and leia in her bikini is the only leia toy available along with only 3 other women (Mara Jade, Ashoka and Padme)
        I agree there needs to be more female star wars character figures and more female characters.
        (i hope this all makes sense i’m not so good at phrasing things out)

  2. When I was a kid the hairstyle, resembling cinnamon buns, was the iconic image of Princess Leia. How did we get to the point where her in the slave outfit has replaced this image?

  3. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if there were more female characters than just Leia, Mon Mothma (who had all of 4 lines in the whole set) and Twilek dancers? Fans are calling for Mara Jade, an impressive Jedi that just happens to also be female. There are a lot of female characters in the discarded canon that would add to the Star Wars universe. After we do that, then we can start making toys of them all.

  4. Yeah, I always liked her outfits and hair when she was out in the forest racing and meeting Wicket and later hanging out with all the Ewoks…

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