Sexist MTV Movie Awards excludes females from hero category

How backwards is this? In the year 2014, when you’d hope we’d all be beyond this degree of sexism, the MTV Movie Awards completely excludes females from its “Best Hero” category.


That’s right, Katniss Everdeen is not among MTV’s nominees for “Best Hero,” an all male round up that incudes Superman, Iron Man, Bilbo, Thor, and Jon Kale. Don’t know who John Kale is? Neither did I. He’s played by Channing Tatum in “White House Down,” a movie no one liked or watched. Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but “Catching Fire,” starring Jennifer Lawrence, was the top-grossing movie of 2013. Katniss is a household name, the protagonist of a top selling book series, she’s got her own doll, not to mention, she kicks ass in an amazing movie. Would MTV ever ignore a male hero from a top-grossing, critically acclaimed film like this? Isn’t MTV supposed to be cool and hip and appeal to young people? How can they be so clueless? MTV, your sexism is shocking and unacceptable.

Sophie Azran has started a petition against MTV. On the, she writes:

There is not a single woman in the Hero Category. Don’t let a strong woman like Katniss be overlooked!


Please sign and share this petition before April 13 to demand that MTV add Katniss Everdeen to the “Best Hero” category at the MTV Movie Awards.


Young women already have too few female heroes represented in film and television. We’re constantly shown by the entertainment industry that men are brave, powerful, or successful, while women are often given supporting roles and weak characters.


I loved The Hunger Games, not just because it was a thrilling story, but because I admired the courage, intelligence, and persistence of Katniss Everdeen. Teen girls and young women everywhere need to see that courageous, principled women can be rewarded just like men.


The MTV Movie Awards are widely watched by a young adult audience. It’s appalling to me that the event’s producers are ignoring this female hero, especially since this film beat out all the others at the box office. But unlike the Oscars, the MTV Movie awards encourages public involvement, allowing the public to vote on winners. If enough of us ask for Katniss to be added, I’m confident that MTV will listen.


Sign this petition before April 13 to demand that MTV add Katniss Everdeen to the “Best Hero” category.


I couldn’t agree more with everything Azran writes. Please go to this link and sign her petition.

6 thoughts on “Sexist MTV Movie Awards excludes females from hero category

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  2. I think women should be included, but Katniss should not be, as she is anything BUT a hero. She is actually a poor role model and an antihero in the whole series. Her only goal is save her sister, at the expense of everyone else. She can’t see the big picture of the revolution, and doesn’t care. In the book she coremplates killing Peeta to save herself. Maybe if you look only at the first movie, she volunteers, and that is noble. But other than that, everyone else does all the work and she is just along for the ride. She is a symbol if the rebellion, but she never becomes the hero of the rebellion. If you want a female hero from very recent film, (I am assuming you only watch modern stuff), look to Hermonie Granger. She is at least intelligent, competent, capable and actually does heroic things.

    Again, I think women should be included in the hero category. We are capable of great things! But Katniss is not a hero. Please use critical thinking when calling someone a hero.

    • Hi Grace,

      Katniss is complicated and I like that. Like all heroes, she struggles and finds her way out of the labyrinth. There is a good discussion on Reel Girl’s Facebook page on this, here’s one comment I like:

      “Joscelin Eberle The hunger games were created by an oppressive government in order to create fear so the people wouldn’t fight against them. Katniss sacrificed herself so her younger sister would not have to die. Its not pointless killing. Its showing an oppressed people taking action and their lives in their own hands instead of continuing to to bullied by the corrupt government. Its a powerful story if you are able to look into the deeper meaning of things. Saying there is no point in the story is far from the truth.”

  3. Hi Cat,

    I missed the montages!

    RE Katniss:

    “While Lawrence isn’t nominated (yet) for Best Hero, she is up for Best Female Performance for Catching Fire. She’s also nominated in the Best Fight category for Catching Fire, as well as the Best Kiss category for American Hustle.”

    IMO It is really important that Katniss be recognized as the HERO that she is.


    • I agree that Katniss should be in the “hero” category, especially with the inclusion of Kale. I haven’t seen the film so I won’t disparage Channing Tatum’s performance, but the inclusion of his role means the category isn’t confined to traditional superhero films so the exclusion of Katniss as the lone female “hero” is kind of inexcusable. I am glad to hear that she was also nominated for Best Female Performance and Best Fight. I was worried it was going to be all Best Kiss and Best Onscreen Couple. That might be a different award show. I don’t really pay attention to these things aside from the big ones (Oscars, Tonys, Golden Globes, Emmys).

  4. Two questions. 1. How did you feel about those montages during the Oscars? The theme of the night was “heroes.” 2. What categories, if any, is Katniss/The Hunger Games nominated in at the MTV Movie Awards?

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