Women pilots of WW2 need $29,000 for float in Rose Bowl parade

Hopefully, by now, you know the story of the repressed history of female pilots in WW2. A couple more quotes for you from the Mary Sue:

“The families of the 38 women who died were not allowed to display gold stars in their windows, because their daughters were not recognized as veterans.”


And the Washington Post:

“The WASPs received a letter informing them that their service was over. Two days after that letter came, “several of us received letters from aircraft companies inviting us to come and be stewardesses,” remembers Rohrer. “I was so angry, I tore that letter up.”


Right now, Wingtip-to-Wingtip, a non-profit is $29,000 short of the funds needed to get a float honoring the WASPs in the Rose Bolw parade. The web site states the deadline is November 8. Please do something to protect women’s history and women’s stories, so we can pass it on to our daughters and sons. Don’t let these women disappear from our cultural mythology. Donate now.

All of this really makes me think how different our world would look if women were the ones with the money.

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