Want to see a celebrity in an inappropriate costume? Fergie’s ‘pageant girl’ tops my list

Want to see a celebrity wearing an inappropriate costume? Fergie’s ‘Pageant Girl’ from Halloween 2012 makes me ill.


If you care at all about the sexualization of  little girls, why would a grown woman dress up as a little girl dressed up as a woman? (Assuming that is, little girls with heavy make-up and curled hair aspire to imitate older beauty queens and not Martians.) Talk about blurring boundaries between sexualizing little girls and adults. This costume makes my head spin, besides making me want to vomit. But here’s what Heidi Klum thinks of it, as quoted in Us Magazine:

Accessories can put a costume over the top! Fergie couldn’t have looked any better as a pageant girl.


While we in America celebrate rock stars for sexualizing kids, France outlawed child beauty pageants earlier this year. The New York Times reported:

Pageants are popular in smaller towns across France, though far less frequent and less intense than in the United States. And France has no equivalent of American reality shows like “Toddlers & Tiaras” and its spinoff, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” that feature very young contestants.

Still, the intense focus on beauty here, combined with a surge of images of sexualized, prepubescent girls, has raised fears that the pageants could take on the over-the-top quality of American contests…

Ms. Jouanno, a former junior minister for environment and a senator representing Paris from the center-right party U.D.I., wrote a report on the “hypersexualization” of children in 2011.

Apparently, the USA has a long, long way to go to protect, honor, and value American girls. Bad move, Fergie.

2 thoughts on “Want to see a celebrity in an inappropriate costume? Fergie’s ‘pageant girl’ tops my list

  1. Hi Stef,

    That’s not my interpretation which is the Fergie thinks its cute/ funny. When Klum” says accessories put a costume “over the top” I think she is talking about levels of excellence. If Fergie wanted to make a point, she could have used the sash to say something, had a sad face on, come with a stage mother or father, or a million different ways to make a point. All I see is grossness. I wish I agreed with you but I don’t at all.


  2. Isn’t Fergie making fun of this? I want to think Fergie thinks this type of thing (Little girls dressed up like glamour women,) is inappropriate and therefore made it her Halloween costume. It is as Heidi Klum says, “Over the top”!

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