Another Fifth Grade tradition cancelled due to shutdown

I am so mad at this idiotic government. What are we supposed to tell our kids about conflict-resolution? Seriously. What a load of hypocrites grown-ups are.

Last week, my Fifth grade daughter’s overnight trip on the Balclutha ship, that she’s been looking forward to for years, was cancelled. Today, I found out the annual sandcastle event, where all the Fifth graders in San Francisco get together on the beach for a massive sand-castle building competition, has been cancelled. That’s two landmark events of Fifth grade, not happening. My daughter’s experience of this year is dramatically altered because of this shutdown. And of course, what’s happening to her is echoed all around the country in ways much more serious and horrible.

It is amazing to me that people can be so selfish and hurt this country and its citizens in a multitude of ways all to disobey a law that is already in place. I’m speechless.

One thought on “Another Fifth Grade tradition cancelled due to shutdown

  1. Ditto. And they do it with impunity. Let’s not forget that this could very well be the 1st domino to fall in a global economic meltdown. Btw, the Koch brothers are the primary driving force behind this shutdown.

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