5 thoughts on “Museums unfair to men

    • Hi Allison,

      Because women’s stories are not getting out into the world. I’d rather not just focus on the “beauty” and hearts of men. We all lose out from that lack of diversity.


    • Allison…..here is the problem with what you are proposing. If no one “kept score”, people who arent white men would almost never show in museums. You’re assuming a level playing field when there isn’t one. White men’s voices, experiences, and thus their art have always been privileged over other points of view. Hence if you read the bottom of the poster, those statistics should tell you something. Crack open an art history textbook—lots of white guys! I know it might be nice to imagine the art world as a place where anyone can become recognized so long as their work is good, but speaking as an artist myself, that is far from the case. Art critics, gallery and museum curators are people living in a sexist, racist world just like everyone else, and will make racist, sexist decisions about who to promote unless held accountable.

      If you want to learn more about social justice in the fine art world, I highly recommend reading the hilarious work of the Geurilla Girls. They are a group of anonymous women fine artists and curators who got fed up with discrimination in the art world in the 70s, and began a series of public art projects to educate the public about the problem and hold the arts community accountable.

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