Justin Timberlake’s sexist new video turns him from creative to cliche

Justin Timberlake, your new video for “Tunnel Vision” isn’t cool or original. It’s tired and cliche. Can’t you think up anything else besides the clothed man/ naked woman trope? Been there, done that.

Are you copying Nick Cave?




Perhaps Vanity Fair?


Edouard Manet?


This is, of course, just a tiny collection of images. Thousands more of the dressed man/ naked woman trope can be found in museums.

As Miss Representation posted about GQ:

The implication is that the men here are valuable for something beyond what they look like… but that the woman is valuable only for what she looks like.

The clothed man/ naked woman trope isn’t about “beauty” but about power.

What would art look like and music sound like if women were the ones who’d been celebrated for making it for thousands of years? These images are a history lesson of what the world looks like when men are in power. “Tunnel Vision” is the latest incarnation of the classic male gaze. Aren’t we ready for something different in 2013?

5 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake’s sexist new video turns him from creative to cliche

  1. Geez i`m disappointed that Nick Cave’s in on the act too! Thought he’d be better than that. Sure it’s his model wife posing, but then, why did she do that?

  2. I believe sometimes nudity is not a insult. women have beautiful, curvy bodies. You know. I believe the female body is much more then men’s. It might be a trade off, boring men dressed in fancy clothing, natural beautiful woman naked. Idk!

  3. Great post! Nudity is usually about vulnerability, objectification and power (or lack thereof). You give some very relevant examples. JT, whom I admire for his many talents, should be beyond this type of marketing by now. NOTE TO MRS.T: Give that boy a reality check.

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