New toy release shows “Monsters University” practically single sex

Just received an email promo from LeapFrog which sells “educational” toys for kids. This one features characters from Disney/ Pixar’s upcoming Monsters University. Looks like while your kids get skills on “reading comprehension” and “problem solving,” they’ll be learning females stay in the background, it’s all Mike and Sully. And they say girls are the ones who care about “friendship”…


Cat’s comment below: “Please tell me [Disney] remembered to add [females] in a movie about a UNIVERSITY!”


3 thoughts on “New toy release shows “Monsters University” practically single sex

  1. Hey, I found this article thing that you might find interesting. Please note that I don’t agree with everything they say in the post, but I am interested in seeing what your thoughts are on the issue:
    and a very valid rebuttal:

    Also I found this hilarious blog that you might like. It’s a series of redrawn “sexy”poses in comic books and such, except it puts Hawkeye in the poses instead of the models. Kind of like that Avengers thing you found.

  2. Uh oh. I already told you I was afraid about the lack of female characters in the trailer. Please tell me they remembered to add women to a film about a UNIVERSITY.

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