Lisa Ling bans pink from baby daughter’s nursery

Check out this cool nursery that journalist Lisa Ling designed for her daughter, Jett. It’s black and white and sports a mural featuring… snakes! Ling says, “It’s fine if Jett ends up loving pink, but I won’t introduce her to it now.” LOVE.

From Us Weekly:






4 thoughts on “Lisa Ling bans pink from baby daughter’s nursery

  1. When I was pregnant with my now 12 year old daughter, I made it clear to all friends and family that we were NOT interested in anything pink. There were a few rebels, (and many donations to GoodWill) but surprisingly, my daughter ended up detesting pink as much as I did. She quickly figured out that an awful lot of adults would ONLY offer her pink balloons, pink candy, pink toys, and that generally the pink options were more limited, (fewer space, construction, science, magic, adventure, action, or animal themes, but lots of fairy princesses and ballerinas). There was the ceramics birthday party where all the GIRLS had to make pink teacups, while the BOYS got to make dinosaurs, in any color they wanted.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with pink, but as it is currently marketed to little girls it symbolizes a reactionary and stereotypical mindset of femininity, and “sweetness” that I really hoped we would have discarded by now.

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