Reel Girl gets brown eyes

The image of Reel Girl was created by the artist Cynthia Rodgers AKA Theamat who I discovered after seeing her Wonder Woman with no pants comic. Reel Girl’s face is a composite of these photos of my 3 daughters. She has my oldest daughters angry eyes shown here:


my second daughter’s spec of a smile


and my third daughters wild curls.


So here’s the banner.


But after a month or so with that blue-eyed image, I’ve decided to go with the the brown eye color of my second daughter and me. If you read Reel Girl, you know that as a brown-haired, brown-eyed child, I was endlessly annoyed by the ubiquity of blond, blue-eyed heroines. I still am. Here is me.


I hate reading a book I otherwise adore, Ramona, where the protagonist complains about her “boring” brown hair and brown eyes. I especially hate reading this part to my brown-haired, brown-eyed daughter. So fuck that. This is my blog, after all, and so Reel Girl gets brown eyes.

I also like brown eyes on Reel Girl because though her look is based on images of my three Caucasian daughters, brown-eyes make her a little more ethnically ambiguous. So here’s the new Reel Girl and feel free to name your favorite brown-eyed heroines here. I’m collecting.


8 thoughts on “Reel Girl gets brown eyes

  1. Hi Morgan,

    I’ll look into her. My only real experience of her is the Angelina Jolie movie and the pics of her before that– short shorts and distracting breasts. I just read a post that there is an attempted rape in her new game.


    • Hi Luna,

      Rose got her dad’s hair, she looks just like him as a kid. It’s so cool to see the old photos, like happy ghosts!


  2. I love everything about this post. It was very hard to grow up not blonde and not blue-eyed. My girls have a bit more available to them than I did, but I still hate reading that too. Thank you!! Every time I read your posts, I feel good.

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