5 thoughts on “Birds of Prey: all female comic from DC

  1. The picture you have here is the older incarnation of the comic, there has only been one volume released so far from the New 52 by DC, and it is still pretty awesome, despite no longer featuring Gail Simone (legendary DC woman of awesomeness) as lead writer. I’ve always been a big fan of DC in part because they have the best, most realistic, and most not-based-on-a-male-character female superheroes and supervillains, especially when compared to Marvel, where (aside from the X-Men, whose female characters are a force to be reckoned) most of the lead women are the female version of an already existing male hero. I definitely recommend the new Birds of Prey- a link to it on Amazon here. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1401236995

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