Geena Davis, real life superhero, brings education on gender bias into schools

Anyone who has ever written a book will tell you, heroes act. They make choices. They take risks. Heroes are not passive.

Geena Davis saw a problem and instead of safely sitting around griping about it, she took a risk and took action. She started a non-profit, raised some money, and now she’s changing the world with the Geena Davis Institute.

I just got this email from the Institute about a new program they’ve developed for schools that includes an “eight-lesson curriculum introduces topics like media and bullying in the context of gender equality.”

Courses include:  Do TV Shows and Movies Influence Careers Held by Women and Men? Do TV Shows and Movies Make Sexual Harassment a “Normal” Part of the School Experience? and Who is Your Hero?

Please go to this link to see all the curriculum and consider talking to teachers and administrators about bringing it into your children’s schools.


One thought on “Geena Davis, real life superhero, brings education on gender bias into schools

  1. I’m not sure this is the exact approach to take (I mean the specific teaching materials) but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. I wish instead of just provoking these questions in children there was a way to get them involved in making a change. Just asking a child why they think women are generally paid less than men is kind of daunting, especially when adults haven’t seemed to work it out either. But again, I think the first step is to get children to start questioning and not accepting things because that’s the way they are.

    Personally, I do have to love that they chose Glee as an example.

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