Fairy or fashion model? Disney’s direct to DVD girl ghetto

Reading this week’s People Magazine, I saw this ad for “Secret of the Wings:”

So this is how Disney prefers to allow females to be front and center: Go straight to DVD (or, alternatively, a 1:46 minute homage) and pose animated, magical creatures like fashion models.

In your wildest imagination, can you picture male, fantasy creatures advertising a DVD in People, standing just like this? Why is it so rare for females to get to star in major-motion pictures made for kids? Why is the imaginary world so sexist?

6 thoughts on “Fairy or fashion model? Disney’s direct to DVD girl ghetto

      • I am sorry, I’ve been seeing the trailer and posters now for some time, and it has been released here 09/21 and it ranked 4° on the box office. I assumed it was released in the US too.

    • Look at their faces, they look like they’re both up to something together. And the trailer leaves no doubt they start at friends and share a power. Look how even at this poster their wings are slightly touching and sparkling, that’s the “secret of wings”.

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