Dear Obama, please say the W word tonight

Dear Obama,

Please talk about women tonight. You didn’t, even one time, in the last debate.

If you get asked about the role of government again tonight, please be more eloquent and passionate. Please point out Mitt Romney’s hypocrisy: he claims to support small government when he wants to get involved in the most intimate and private parts of women’s lives. Clearly, he doesn’t care about small government; he cares about big business.

Mr. President, please explain to Americans tonight that reproductive rights, including choice and birth control, are economic issues. Please say that if women don’t have access to basic health care, which, of course, for female bodies must include contraception, it makes it much harder to get or hold a job.

Please tell Americans that we can’t talk about jobs for women, or the economy improving for women, without securing basic reproductive rights.

Please explain to Americans that if embryo rights supersede human rights, women have no rights at all.

10 thoughts on “Dear Obama, please say the W word tonight

    • Other women don’t.

      I can see their point of view better than yours. The idea that all female voters can be made happy with some assurances that they don’t have to pay for things, aside from being a radical departure from the equal-pay/liberation/empowering vision that was dominant in the feminism from years ago, is terribly offensive.

      Well, we’ll see how respectful toward women the candidates are tonight. So far, by my count Mitt Romney is way ahead.

  1. We’re probably not going to agree on this, but if Obama does talk to women tonight I’m gonna tell you right now He’ll be faking it. You’ve misjudged this president. He doesn’t even appreciate women that much.

    Have you been listening while He talks about His wife Michelle? More often than not, you’ll see, He’s setting her up as a termagant. Michelle makes Me do this, Michelle won’t let Me do that, make sure Michelle doesn’t find out I’m smoking. Mitt Romney doesn’t talk about Ann that way. I don’t talk about my girlfriend that way. It’s not respectful. It’s not the way you talk about someone who is your life partner, when you’re truly happy about them being your partner in life.

    My Mother considered herself a feminist. But she passed on before Clinton was in office for a couple months, so she didn’t see things start to get really nasty. Since then, politicians promising things to women has somehow come to have very little to do with promising them genuine opportunity, their promises are for free stuff, made to people who can’t tell the difference between real opportunity & free stuff. Mom would NEVER have backed this. Frankly, knowing of your concern about messages to children who are trying to figure out how to get along in life (and I support you in this concern), my conclusion would have to be, whether you realize it or not, Barack Obama is not your candidate.

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