Cool collection of Halloween costumes for girls (and boys)

Tired of sexed-up, “cute,” and endless princesses and rainbow fairies marketed to your daughters on Halloween?

A Mighty Girl has put together a great collection of awesome costumes.

My three year old is super- psyched to be Batgirl. We actually own this, but I bought a new one because ours is worn, ripped,  and missing parts.

(Of course, potential Batgirl enthusiasts would be helped along if there were multiple Batgirl movies and derivative toys, games, and clothing. As is stands now, most kids haven’t heard of her, though her existence makes perfect sense to a three year old. Sadly, an eight year old, not so much.)

8 thoughts on “Cool collection of Halloween costumes for girls (and boys)

  1. I saw a pink Batgirl costume at Target the other day and rolled my eyes, this is so much better!

    Have you seen some the DC shorts that feature Batgirl, Supergirl and Wondergirl? Maybe someday they’ll get their own full length show.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I saw the pink batgirl..and so did my three year old..and then she asked for it. I then made up a story about the black one and convinced her otherwise. UGH ARGH and fuck Hollywood!


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