Why doesn’t Romney want to talk about equal pay?

Romney keeps telling us that the economy is the issue of his campaign, but he doesn’t seem to know anything about the Lilly Ledbetter Act: Equal pay for equal work.

I’ve already written about another thing Romney doesn’t seem to know about: reproductive rights are inseparable from women’s economic status.

As governor, Romney vetoed a bill that would have given rape survivors access to emergency contraception. As a presidential candidate, he’s promising to defund Planned Parenthood and eliminate federal funding for birth control.

When you don’t care about the earning power of 51% of Americans, how can you claim to care about jobs and the economy?


19 thoughts on “Why doesn’t Romney want to talk about equal pay?

  1. Okay, that was my comment from SF Gate cut and pasted to you by someone else, not by me. But, since challenged, I then read your bio. You used to work for a radio station. You used to work for a foundation. Not anymore. Currently you blog and are writing a chapter book for children according to your bio. I work in marketing so I can pretty much guess what you make and stand by it. This free blog makes zero (hobby). Your SFGate stuff makes under a living wage. And, as an unpublished author, you are writing your current book on spec (hobby). So, your dad is worth 8 or 9 figures and you make under $20,000/year. That says stay at home mom to me. Pretty much like a mom that volunteers at her kid’s school.

    • DRead,

      I am not ‘unpublished.’ Again, did you read my bio? Along with the non-fiction, my fiction came out in an anthology from Ecco last summmer and in paperback this summer. My father doesn’t support me. I don’t have any time to volunteer at my kids school. I wish I did.


        • Hi DRead,

          The contributors to Sugar in My Bowl include writers like Gail Collins, Daphne Merkin, Jennifer Weiner and Eve Ensler and many others that I am proud be published with. The book has received excellent reviews including commentary on my story “Light Me Up.”

          Wow, You are really committed to trying hard to tear down or discredit my entire resume/ career/ life, all for things you think you know about me and/ or because you find my blog trivial and badly written. That’s your opinion but, clearly, but you should stop reading the blog. Especially if you are one of the people who continually posted that my father has some “deal” with the Chronicle or “deal” with KGO or I have a ghost writer or whatever. It’s not that hard to be a City Bright. You actually do not need to have a rich dad. I think there are 100 or so of them, check out the bios. If you are a local or published writer or activist or politician or business person, they may want your opinion as well. They are especially interested if you blog about headlines/ daily news which I have always written about for years and years. The reason my blog is frequently on the SFGate home page is b/c I blog frequently and my blog gets lots of hits. Maybe THAT, at least on SFGate and not the other places like Jezebel, The Week etc, is because so many people are upset about my father. In that case, you all are a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you want me off SFGate, just stop clicking and commenting and see what happens. And finally, why don’t you spend your time and energy blogging yourself if you have so much to say?



      • “And finally, why don’t you spend your time and energy blogging yourself if you have so much to say?”

        Because he/she doesn’t have life, energy, anything to say or contribute, that much should be obvious. =}

      • Margot,

        This only reason I posted on this blog was because I was informed that someone cut and pasted an entire blog response of mine that was on SF Gate here, and you responded. Here.

        I wanted to inform you that the person that originally posted that on SF Gate (me) was not the one bothering you here with multiple e-mails.

        Instead of lumping me in with the hundreds of other SF Gate posters, it is very easy to see what I have said in the comments section in the past. Don’t accuse me of stuff I did not do. I have informed you, politely, of several factual errors that you have made on your blog posts in the past, never in a condencending voice, many of which you then changed.

        I will accept your apology on this site or via a private e-mail listed here. Thank you in advance.

        • Dread,

          If you are one of my many cope editors, thank you for the comma corrections. If you are the guy who is always putting my blog through some computer edit thing, edit programs don’t allow for style. No writers use them. I cant read through the slog of personal attacks on SFGate to t ell who you are and keep track of you posting here or tere or someone else posting for you. Again, if you don’t like the blog, don’t read it.


      • I do not correct grammar, spelling, or punctuation. That is not what blogging is about. Just a quick one from the past, I corrected you when you used the wrong Harry Potter title, using one from years ago not the one you meant (you responded and changed). Basic factual errors, not style or poor writing.

        • Dread,

          Your emails are tedious and I’m not going to keep responding. Thank you so much for that crucial correction. It really clarified everything I was trying to say. What would I do without you?


      • And a final note, if you are saying not to read this blog on reel girl, that is fine. It is yours and you can tell me to go away. But you have no right to tell me I should not read, nor comment, on your blog on SF Gate. That is not your website. You are compensated for it. Can C.W. Nevius, or Mick LaSalle, or Phil Matier tell me to stop reading and commenting on their stuff on SF Gate? I honestly think what you have done, if talking about SF Gate, is an immediate step towards termination for cause (see Zennie Abraham, who did get more hits than you on SF Gate at that time when they fired him).

      • Thank you. I will forward this opinion to the SF Gate editor since you have told me to stop reading SF Gate. I am sure they will appreciate tha t. The only reason I have ever commented on this site is because I was told someone cut and pasted my response from SF Gate, in full, here. And you then commented on it. Daddy, people are picking on my again, tell me I am the most prettiest girl in the world….no comment daddy….okay I will go vomit in the toilet again. Sound familiar?

  2. The story of Lilly Ledbetter is the story of many of us working women. Many of us of the older generation put up with it because otherwise we would get fired and we needed the job to help our families survive. Many of our husbands were
    not making enough money by themselves for keeping the family together. Back in great depression times my grandparents told us about the family that had to put the children in foster system because they could not care for them. The son and daughter were separated by a fence and their only consolation was once a day when let out in the yard they met at the fence and talked and cried. It shouldn’t be like that for children, ever.

  3. “Hey victim”. What is that even supposed to mean? To what audience is he performing? Because he certainly can’t think that impresses the adressed person right?

  4. Hey victim, you seem to be MIA at SFGate, thought I’d bring the discussion you started over here:

    “Can we point out the obvious? Margot’s profession is stay at home mom/blogger. Her three your old daughter is “home sick today”. So multiple times a week, if not mon-fri, Margot has no children in the house. So she can do things like see a 10:00am showing of “Hunger Games” like she said she did in an earlier post. (Or find multiple symbols in a vodka ad). Or lecture working folks on her blog.”

    • SFGate,

      You’ve left me 7 emails basically saying the same thing. You are obviously a jealous guy with too much time on your hands. I don’t know what makes you think I’m a “stay at home mom.” Have you read my bio? I know you think everything I’ve done is because my dad is rich, but still, maybe you should try to stop anonymously criticizing other people. Try submitting your work somewhere. You might get published, too.


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