Sexpot Ms. Green standing at front door of Party City in SF

Commenters keep saying she is only in adult spaces. Not true. Here she is at Party City in San Francisco. I first saw her here a couple weeks ago while shopping with my daughter for her birthday party. Yuk.

Send me pics of your sightings.

6 thoughts on “Sexpot Ms. Green standing at front door of Party City in SF

  1. I’m going to have to go on a green M&M display hunt. I could swear I’ve seen her in one of our local grocery stores. I remember absentmindedly staring at her boots while standing in the checkout line.

    Just discovered Reel Girl via a friend on Facebook. I’m always so glad to hear other people speaking these thoughts out loud. Some days the “innocent” sexist stuff all around me is just exhausting. How much of it have my three sons already internalized?

  2. Hi, Margot
    I found something that might cheer you up, girls aren’t gonna be so invisible this year! Not only we have brave, we also have The snow queen coming. Check the trailer:

    The synopsis:
    The story focuses on the girl Gerda, who is destined to save not only her friend Kai, but the whole world from the reign of cold.
    Upcoming is disney’s movie “frozen” as well:

  3. Please keep up your hard work making folks aware of awfulness such as this M&Ms nonsense. Sexism is so ingrained in our culture that people can’t believe how much they allow it into their lives. Be well.

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