Sexist Apps for little kids: RacePenguin

My daughter is home sick today and she’s in my bed, playing with my ipad. She pushed a button, showed me this app (RacePenguin) and asked me to get her the one that flies. She’s only three and hopefully cannot recognize the awful male/ female distinction in this game yet.

Can you see these options for kids to choose from?

If not, here they are:

(1) Kids mode: Flying becomes easier No bear behind you

(2) Super Penguin: Go Higher, Go faster, Have more control

(3) Penguinette: Unlock a cute penguin girl

(4) Magic penguin: Teleport uphill: Get a magic boost for every perfect slide.

Who in God’s name is going to want to be Penguinette? Look at her! Her blonde hair and red bow? WTF? While the other penguins go higher, faster, and have more control, she gets to be cute? This is a fucking game for little kids and “cute” is what the female does? Do you think she’s going to win the race? Does she even care about winning it?

This kind of sexism is programmed and marketed to kids everywhere, constantly, through games, toys, TV and movies. (I let my eight year old download this game because it was free. Free sexism, what a bargain!)

Gender stereotyping in kidworld is so ubiquitous that, ironically, it’s become practically invisible. It’s so normal that too many parents have stopped noticing it at all.

Parents, please be aware of this kind of sexism aimed at children; it’s not fair to our kids and their growing brains.

Reel Girl rates Race Penguin ***SSS*** for triple gender stereotyping, not suitable for children.

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