I’m a fan of ‘Girls’ on HBO

I finally saw the much hyped ‘Girls,’ and I’ve got to say: believe that hype.

I was riveted. I’m also totally impressed that Lena Dunham in twenty-five years old and she is the writer, producer, and star of the show.

I’ve read criticism about the all white foursome and agree completely. There should be women of color on the show. Not just for some kind of cosmetic diversity. By leaving out women of color, the show is missing out on an important part of depicting being young, struggling, and twentysomething in NYC. That is my only negative so far.

Looking forward to watching more and reporting back.

‘Girls’ is for adults, not girls. Reel Girl rates it ***HH***

2 thoughts on “I’m a fan of ‘Girls’ on HBO

  1. I can’t figure out whether this show is mocking or celebrating its characters, who come off as spoiled, narcissistic, and completely unsympathetic to anyone who has actually had to work for a living. At first I thought it was a commentary on ungrateful kids who don’t know how good they have it, but now I’m not so sure. What do you think?

    • Hi Rain,

      I don’t think either (mocking or celebrating.) I think its realistic. It was cool watching the parents fight with the kid because you could feel their frustration and see their point of view. No one was demonized.


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