WTF people, just eat your M & Ms!

Got this photo from Melissa Wardy at Pigtail Pals. A friend of hers took it in Las Vegas. Aren’t we Americans lucky that we can get a “boys rule” or “girls rule” M & Ms mix?

Can the gendering of products get any more stupid?

Really look at this picture.

This is how fucked up we are about gender. In the future, people are going to look back on 2012 and try hard to understand how intelligent human beings could ever be so deranged.

The absurdity of this product is no different than the relentless, aggressive marketing pushed on kids in movie theaters, Target stores, and at birthday parties across America every single day.

13 thoughts on “WTF people, just eat your M & Ms!

  1. I don’t remember if you’ve written about the green M&M character before, such an obvious example of the Smurfette principal. Hardly surprising that Mars would buy into gender segregation after coming up with the “lady” M&M.

  2. Wow, upgrading from Legos, eh, Goo Goo?

    Still haven’t joined the latest debate, Goo Goo…
    How about you grow a little spine and show everybody at SFGate what a good “writer” you are?

    Too busy hiding in your little pink corner, I guess…

    • Hi Schmoe,

      It’s kind of hilarious that the anonymous commenter is saying I’m hiding and have no spine. I don’t get the comment about showing everyone what a good writer I am. I do that almost every day. Where are you published, Schmoe? Oh, that’s right, I’m only published anywhere because my father is rich. I know you’re bitter and bored, but why don’t you try submitting your work somewhere? It could build your self esteem.


  3. Sometimes one could puke all day long …

    I can literally see all the little boys and girls: “Oh Mommy, look, I am such a good girl/boy, I ALWAYS eat the food which is ONLY for me, so that I will never forget that I am a girl/boy”

    As if someone could ever forget his/her gender …

    Sorry, Facepalm was not enough …

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