The Little Engine That Could got a make-over

When I posted yesterday that The Little Engine That Could would probably not find a publisher in today’s segregated pink/ blue kidworld, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t posting the original art. Apparently, Little Engine has been sent off to a make up artist and a plastic surgeon. She now sports mascara, blush, and a brow lift. Comparatively, she looks kind of like a grandma. Nothing wrong with grandmas, of course, but the Little Engine seems more like a youthful character to me. I suppose a grandmotherly/ motherly hero is more compatible and less threatening to the standard male one.

Here are before and after pics:

5 thoughts on “The Little Engine That Could got a make-over

  1. I just don’t understand why it’s NOT ok to have pink Legos, but you SUPPORT the little engine getting a make-over with make up to make “her” more feminine. Did you know that in history pink was a color for boys and blue the color for girls, but it’s reverse nowadays? We should just get rid of all gender identifiers and let people be people, or trains be trains.

    • Hi Talisa,

      I was making fun of Little Engine’s makeover! I don’t support it at all. I love the story, NOT her new look.

      Yes, I know the history of pink and blue and that this whole pink thing is completely manufactured.

      I think there would be serious benefits to gender-free. Unfortunately, too many people seem to think gender neutral is male. Therefore, we are in serious need for female heroes in narratives and movies.


  2. We’ve had, I dunno, a million years of the male POV being dominant, thus to me it’s always interesting to hear the other side once in awhile. This is why I found Patti Smith so refreshing, just one example (out of many). After having read the “Comments” on yr SFGate article about The Little Train (which comments I thought spot on) I had to rush over here to say DON’T READ THE COMMENTS! Generally “don’t read the comments” is a good idea, I’ve found, but really, I can’t believe the hostility to the notion that another point of view might exist and should be given a hearing. These are actual people, sitting in rooms somewhere, typing these comments, I mean taking the time to do so, rather than… anything else. My favorite visual on this is when you read some hate-filled-for-no-particular-reason rant and the writer interjects LOL and you’re dead certain there ain’t any laughter echoing in that room.

    Anyway, just had to share that —

    • Hi Jack,

      Thanks so much for the warning : ) The comments are so sexist and horrible with their personal attacks, they often inadvertently prove my points. Thanks for yours and visiting Reel Girl.


  3. There’s also the fact that the two friendly engines are female, and all of the engines that turn the train down are male. I really like having this one in my library to balance out other books.

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