Reel Girl gets Facebook page

Please visit it here, click “like” and suggest to your friends.

But here are some questions:

What is the point of this page? If I have my blog and my own FB page, why this? Do I do daily posts?

And…do you like Reel Girl and one word or two? I like one because its sounds kind of like a superhero, but I like the way just the words look better as two, and its harder to find in a search if its one word.

Let me know your success and failure stories with FB, Twitter etc which I am not sure I am making full use of either. What do people like on Twitter? I usually just post my blogs…

Do you think the blog address should just be or

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2 thoughts on “Reel Girl gets Facebook page

  1. Hi Margot, I’ll throw my two cents in here. 🙂 I have a Facebook page for my blog & I post my newest blog posts as well as any relevant information I find on topics that I believe people who would read my blog would care about. I post there daily, usually a few times a day if I have time. I ask questions to invite people to think about the topics I blog on etc. I get a lot of traffic to my blog from FB and have connected with awesome people who have their own pages & post about similar or complimentary topics.

    I basically find the same thing on Twitter & although I thought it would be a huge waste of time, it has actually connected me to great information & great people. I try to post slightly different things on Twitter, but still stick to my basic “niche” because that’s what I’m interested in. I think people want to see more than just your blog posts – they want to see what you are interested in, what excites you, what people intrigue you etc.

    As for your blog address, I think, because that’s how I think of “you”. 🙂

    I hope that’s a bit helpful. I look forward to connecting with you on FB & Twitter! 🙂

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