The Pirate and the Princess

My eight year old daughter brought this chapter book home from school Friday. It is amazing! I’d never heard of this spectacular series and know next to nothing about the author.

The main character is Yuri, is a sixteen year old pirate who time travels on a ship, the Eurastia, saving others in peril. Her dialogue is so brave and assertive as captain of the ship, commanding others, going bravely into danger, in the middle of reading I checked the author. I couldn’t remember ever reading about a girl act this way so consistently in a story, winning so much respect from other characters.

The author is Mio Chizuro. He (or she?) is Japanese. The book is translated into English. More as I find out more but wanted to post this info. You can buy the book here.

Obviously, this book gets a ***GGG*** rating.

One thought on “The Pirate and the Princess

  1. FYI, Chizuru is a female name so, barring the possibility of a male author using a female pen name, it’s pretty safe to say that the series is written by a woman.

    I’m glad to see this book got translated! I wonder if they are planning to translate the entire series. I have the first four books in Japanese and the books have been interesting thus far.

    Now that it’s been translated, though, I’m totally picking the books up for my nieces 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!

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