Children and the death of socks

When I decided to have kids, I knew sacrafices would be made, but I did not plan for the end of matching socks.

There are way, way too many socks, many of them super-tiny. I don’t have the time to spend hours seeking out and matching up these socks. Who in the world has this time? Or this drive? Or this kind of organized, efficient mind?

No one in my family, not my kids or my husband, wears matching socks anymore. We do wear socks with the same thickness. You can’t wear a thin sock with a bulky sock.

There is one exception: a new pair of socks. My niece just gave me a pair of black socks, soft and thin, decorated with circus elephants. Today, I’m sporting a match.

10 thoughts on “Children and the death of socks

  1. Awesome. I use this system as well but so far have no converts in the family — which is a big problem, since your seven-year-old son is a major sock horse. But I applaud your spartan ways with footwear.

  2. Which then leads to no socks; I just spent a lot of money on a pair of uggs for my 3.5 year old. But we don’t fight about wearing socks anymore!!

  3. I found a pretty easy solution to this….

    My hubby has 10 pair of the same white socks, I have 10 pair of the same white socks and my son has 10 pair of the same white socks….I have the odd colored pair but I can manage those… 🙂

    • Shelly,

      I considered this! I felt kind of sad at the prospect of all white or all black and that idea was what pushed me over the edge to mismatched. But I do think its a great option and maybe most effective for my husband’s socks. Maybe I’m being gender biased assuming the females need their colored socks.


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