Sarah Palin gets ‘Foxified’ in new SNL skit

Last night Tina Fey reprised her Sarah Palin role on Saturday Night Live. I’m psyched Tina Fey’s brilliant parody is back. Not only is she hilarious, but her portrayals of the politician in 2008 were instrumental in turning America on to the silliness of Palin’s candidacy.

Tina Fey as  Sarah Plain

Tina Fey was funny last night as usual, but here’s a new idea: instead of depicting Sarah Palin in her signature updo, Fey should show her losing her look because now she’s joined Fox, home of the pornstar/ anchor.

Here’s the skit.


Tina Fey is in her dressing room at Fox News. She’s got big, blonde Fox woman anchor hair, a bright pink suit with cleavage and new, large breasts. She’s surrounded by make up artists, hairdressers, stylists etc, all putting the finishing touches on her new look.

Make-up artist: “For your debut on Fox News, we want to keep it kind of natural. We’re just going with some rouge, some foundation, a little concealer, some blush, some mascara, some eyeshadow, some lipstick, some powder, some bronzer…”

Sarah Palin trying to wait patiently, finally interrupts, still looking at herself in the mirror: “I’m just not sure about the hair.”

Hairdresser: “Oh, it’s great! I’ve done lots of famous people– Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Heidi Montag, Denise Richards, Kate Gosselin. Not a lot of people know this…” He bends down to her, “But they all had lots of problems. Their hair was…brown.”

SP: “What’s the matter with brown hair?”

HD: “Oh, nothing, honey. It’s just, you know, sometimes it can make you look… smart.”

Other make up people and stylist people nod.

SP: (Pats her hair) “Does everyone here get this kind of treatment?”


MA: “Oh, yes, sure. Although with guests, sometimes we just make suggestions. You know Anne Coulter? She used to weigh over 100 pounds.”

Bald and fat Fox News president, Roger Ailes enters, saying, “We’re so happy to have you here, Sarah. Come on out, lets meet your colleagues.”

RA puts his hand on SP’s back and leads her out of hair/make-up room.

There’s a group of blonde haired, big breasted, heavily made up women. Sarah Palin starts shaking their hands, smiling.

SP: “I’m so happy to meet you. I’m so excited to be part of the team.”

RA: “No, Sarah. Those are Tiger Woods mistresses. They’re about to go on Greta’s show.”

SP: “Oh.” (Looking confused)

RA: “Here are your colleagues.” He gestures to as second group of women, identical in look and dress to the first.

SP excitedly shakes hands.

RA: “You really look great Sarah. As you know, presentation is a big part of making the Fox Network a success. Hey look, here’s the star of the network!”

Enter Bill O’Reilly, looking slovenly and bald.

SP: “I’m a big fan!” She pumps Bill’s hand.

Other male stars get introduced until there’s a crowd of old, fat balding men. Sarah stands in front of women and men, everyone clapping and patting her on the back. Sarah faces the audience, smiling triumphantly. SP: “I’m so proud to be a part of this network! I can’t wait for my show go out to all 60 states! From Quebec all the way to Juneau, to tell America for the first time, Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Fever!”

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7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin gets ‘Foxified’ in new SNL skit

  1. BTW, where was the outrage when Sandra Bernhard stated that she would have her “Black Brothers” “gang-rape” Sarah Palin if Palin set foot in NYC?

    The left-leaning media condoned those words with their silence and with their lack of criticism of Bernhard for her outrageous threat against the GOP VP nominee.

    Imagine the outrage by the press if a “comedian” joked about hiring Barack Obama to shine his shoes or made a similar “joke”?

    The media would be in in full attack mode, 24/7. (You included.)

    Yet when Palin is threatened with “gang-rape” if she campaigns in NYC, which was a clear threat to intimidate Palin, the media is silent, as if it didn’t happen.

    And since the media didn’t report it, most people aren’t even aware that it happened.

    Palin has had her church torched by an arsonist, been threatened with gang-rape, been called a “slut” by a prominent late-night comedien, had her 14 year old daughter subjected to a joke about being “knocked-up” by a man 2x her age, had her email hacked, has had 2 dozen frivolous, politically motivated lawsuits filed against her, has had tomatoes thrown at her, had false stories planted in the media such as not knowing that Africa is a continent and not a country, and other personal attacks, all while the media condones such actions with their silence and their lack of criticism and you happily join in with your “Foxified” hit piece.

    Instead of criticizing those that engage in sexist acts and violent threats, the media plants/reports falsehoods about her, calls her supporters “teabaggers” which is a slang term for a homosexual act and can be interpreted as a homophobic slur/slander and engages in other hypocritical behavior that they reserve only for conservatives.

    And yes, Margot – when I say “the media” I’m including you as you engage in the hypocrisy and you sexualize Palin in an attempt to discredit her intellect, just as you did the many fine, intelligent, educated and talented women of Fox News.

    You’re a typical, liberal, hypocrite.

    Sexism and misogyny are all fine, as long as the subject of the attacks is a conservative.

    But if someone criticizes Barack Obama, you and your ilk are the first to cry “racism!”

    You attack Fox news, but you don’t utter a word when Joy Behar calls Palin a “slut” or attacks her special needs child.

    Nor do you criticize Bill Maher for demanding that Sarah Palin provide DNA evidence to prove that Trig Palin is really her son, yet Maher constantly criticizes anyone who dares to question if Barack Obama is constitutionally qualified to hold the job of President.

    Like I said, the hypocrisy and the double-standards by the left is utterly staggering and I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it for myself.

  2. “…that ugly woman Michelle Obama…”

    Racists generally attack Obama but deny they’re racists and claim they just don’t like HIM. Whatever (stet) made the above comment can deny racism until the end of its putrid life, but the words speak for themselves.

    If Tina Fey isn’t as sick of doing Sarah Palin as most of us are of even knowing Sarah Palin exists, I hope she’ll do her several more times when we near the ’12 elections.

    • Tell me, are the 95% of black voters that voted for Obama and against McCain, are they “racists”?

      Or am I to believe that the 95% of Blacks voted for Obama due to his campaign promises and not his skin color?

      Ironic how the media likes to label the Tea Party as racists because their members are mostly white, even though the Tea Party doesn’t ban people based on skin color, or for any other reason (unless they are troublemakers attempting to discredit the party) and that all people are welcome to join, yet when 95% of Blacks vote against a White candidate, racism isn’t involved?

      Is that what I’m to believe, bryony1?

      Would 95% of black voters have voted for Obama if he were white?

      Now then, just who are the racists?

      The Tea Party, who welcomes all freedom loving Americans regardless of skin color, or are the racists the 95% of Black voters who voted for Obama and against McCain?

  3. phenominal, especially when you think of the bimbo who sits between those two Fox men-never has a sandwich appeared so unappealing.

  4. While doing your “research” you failed to note that Fox Anchorwomen such as Patty Ann Brown, Julia Banderas, Anita Vogel, Claudia Cowan, Uma Pemmaraju, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Lauren Green, and Tracy Byrnes, just to name a few are not Blondes.

    Instead, you ignorantly played the “dumb, blonde, bimbo” card even though Palin isn’t a blonde and isn’t the one who incorrectly stated the number of states like Obama did, who said he campaigned in all but 2 of the 57 states, ( while you made up some BS about Palin claiming there are 60 states.

    And I bet Palin can name at least one player on her favorite pro sports team when she was growing up, unlike Obama who was unable to do so the other day.( all the while, calling it “Commitsky Park”, a major faux paux for any Chicago sports fan, in addition to throwing out the first pitch like a 9-year old girl.
    Malia or Sasha would’ve done much better.

    And Palin, unlike that ugly woman Michelle Obama doesn’t need a team of make-up and photo-shop artists to turn heads as the former beauty queen does so without any help.

    Sadly, the “lame-steam” media continues to resort to flat-out lies in a pathetic attempt to attack a smart, accomplished woman like Palin, all the while making a million and one excuses for the sheer incompetence of the glorified “Hope-a-Dope” community organizer from Chicago who is nothing but a BS artist.

    So keep making up lies about Palin while sweeping the truth about Obama and his incompetence under the rug (17 minutes to give a non-answer, which was longer than the Gettysburg Address “” or how he couldn’t correctly spell Syracuse recently? “ (Remember how Quayle got excoriated for failing to correctly spell “potato”? or how Obama mispronounced “Commisky Park as “Commitsky Park?”) Yeah, keep running cover for this ignorant, arrogant dolt.

    There’s a years worth of SNL material in one Obama week, yet the knee-pad media won’t touch it, further proving Rush, Hannity, Fox and Palin to be 100% spot on right about the “lame-stream media.”

    And as far as the rest of your jabs at the FNC anchorettes, I would be willing to put up their educational credentials up against yours or against that of the staff of SFGate or here at “Jezebel”, anyday of the week.

    Let’s start with those of Megyn Kelly ( and Ann Coulter ( and then we can go from there if you like.

    And the only “whores” are at SFGate and in the MSM, who continually e-fellate Barack Obama.

    The November elections are going to be quite a kick in the ass.

    Yours, that is.

    Speaking of (big) asses, please tell whomever is dressing Michelle Obama she needs to be fired.

    Those “boob” belts or whatever those ridiculous accessories that she wears are an embarrassment.

    Even I feel bad for her, seeing how ridiculous she looks.

    As Obama’s job approval ratings continue to plummet (45% today according to Gallup and his negatives overall are higher than his positives across the board) we can expect the “lame-stream” media to go into full attack mode against Palin and continue with these infantile, baseless, idiotic attacks in a pathetic attempt to prop up Sir Hope-a-Dope.

    Gallup: 45% job approval rating as of today. (and falling)

    Real Clear Politics composite of major polls:

    Yeah, he’s underwater there as well, and drowning and not even a complicit media can help him.

    Like I said, November is going to be an ass-kicking that will make 1994 look like a day at the beach.

    Obama will be in the 30’s by then.

    Oh, and since you like Palin jokes so much, here’s one for you from the future, January, 2013 to be specific:

    “I can see the Potomac River from my house!

    • Peter,

      Your remarks about Michelle’s appearance and body are an example of the very sexist ideals that the SNL skit would parody. Why do you attack her based on her appearance?

      Also, your comment about Obama “throwing out the first pitch like a 9-year old girl” is also sexist. First of all, what does this have to do with his presidency? Second, why is throwing like a girl an insult? Because you think of girls as weaker and less capable of pitching, correct? Would you have said that he threw like a boy? I doubt it.

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