Fiona’s Fairy-tale Five ***GGG***

This is a totally random book, part of the Shrek franchise, cheaply made and printed (the same soft, stapled cover as My Little Pony & Berenstain Bears series.) I have no idea how it got on our bookshelf, but I love it. It’s hilarious.

I’m mostly a Shrek fan, because the whole message that beauty is found on the inside is communicated in an original and effective way. The final makeunder when Fiona transforms into an ogre is well done. I’m so sick of the “beauty and the beast” scenario repeated ad infintum in kids movies and adult ones (see latest Judd Apatow flick) where the overwieght, dorky stoner scores the beauty. I do look forward to the day when the hot guy falls for the “ugly” or fat girl– in cartoon world and the grown up one– because her humor or brains make her so compelling. But at least two beasty green creatures in love is one step in that direction. I have my other complaints about Shrek: he’s the star in his eponymous movie, and Fiona’s storyline is the typical princess scenario culminating with the marriage and happily ever after.

I was most disappointed with Shrek 3 where Fiona’s part is drasticaly reduced, becoming primarily a father/ son story, with Justin Timberlake as the new co-star. Now I know what was happening when Fiona was MIA. Fiona’s Fairy-tale Five is about the drama back at the castle when Shrek went off on his (very male) quest to find an heir.

Fiona is home having a baby shower with her friends Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel etc when Prince Charming storms the castle, trying to stage a coup. The princesses must stop the festivities and defend the castle. Charming is one of my favorite movie bad guys; I love how his suaveness comes off as smarmy and how he’s so un-charming. The story shows the gang of princesses work together (rare to get to see princesses in any kind of group and functioning as a team) to vanquish Charming. It’s fun to see all the princesses in one story and also totally consistent with the Shrek movies which always feature mutiple fairy tale characters meeting up. I think this flimsy book would make a great movie, so much better than boring Shrek 3.

All the princesses surprise themselves and each other, becoming brave heroines. I especially like how Sleeping Beauty snaps out of her daze with some awesome fight moves and when Fiona’s mom says to her, “You didn’t actually think you got these fighting skills from your father, did you?”

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  1. Well you have your wish. This book is currently in movie production. I’m not sure if there are any release dates as of yet as it’s really early. 🙂

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