If women ran the MPAA…

The following standards would urge caution for parents: any movie

1. where the leading woman is ten years younger (or more) than the leading man

2. where the mother’s real life age is the same as the guy playing her son

3. with a sidekick best friend who is super attractive but supposed to be unattractive because she’s wearing glasses

4. where the girl in glasses gets a makeover

5. where all the female roles are girlfriends or supporting

6. with cheerleaders

male frontal nudity is OK

female frontal nudity is OK only if it’s shown as a quick glimpse, coming out of the shower or in the locker room, not in a lingering sexual way (or the whole movie gets an NC-17 or X rating)

One thought on “If women ran the MPAA…

  1. I take offense at the first item on this list. I am almost 27 years my husband’s junior, but a trophy babe I am not. He is my best friend and biggest supporter and he respects and cherishes me as no one ever has. We make each other laugh, we challenge each other, we encourage each other when times get rough, and yes, we turn each other on sexually, just as any pair of loving spouses should. I don’t see why children need to be protected from intergenerational couples any more than they should be protected from interracial couples or same-sex couples. Or is it that you imagine there’s nothing about a woman in her twenties that could attract a mature gentleman other than her body?

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